Students and Veterans discount is 10 per cent sitewide.

1. Bundled Discounts

For this discount, we will price of a group of items bought together. Customers Get to Try Your Other Products! 

2. Prepayment Discount

We offer a small discount for people who can pay for the products and services in advance, perhaps months or weeks before they are shipped or received. We sell monthly spa subscription boxes of beauty products, and will give customers one of our monthly boxes for free if they pay a year in advance.

3. Volume Discount

When you offer a volume discount, your customers end up paying less per item as long as they buy a larger amount of that item. We offer a 10-percent discount if you buy 8 boxes of any given item. Custom volume discounts are a good option for value per order. 

4. Event/Seasonal Discounts

Enquire about our Event-based discounts such as holidays, promos for the New Year or Valentine’s Day. Or sign up for our newsletter for discounts such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Free Shipping Day.

5. Free Shipping

Free shipping offer is for orders over $35 in the USA.